Landscapes2 is Chester County's comprehensive policy plan. It establishes growth management and preservation strategies to guide municipalities, developers, preservationists, and others in making decisions that promote sustainable practices and ensure that future residents have access to the same benefits that we currently enjoy. Click here to view the plan.

Landscapes initiatives for change

The county championed three major initiatives to balance the county's vision of managing growth and preservation, while maintaining the quality of life and sense of place enjoyed by residents. These initiatives advocate for a better, more sustainable future for Chester County and further promote the principles of Landscapes.

Build working partnerships

The county will join with municipal governments and stakeholders to develop productive partnerships that champion specific actions to achieve the vision of Landscapes. This initiative will involve the following:

Create sustainable communities

The county will work with the state, municipal governments, and other partners to build and enhance sustainable communities within designated growth areas to provide options for:

Keep Chester County green

The county will advocate for a green future. This initiative will:

Background Issues

The following series of issues were developed to assist in the preparation of Landscapes2 through stakeholder meetings and a public opinion survey. They are organized under the eleven topical areas listed in the plan.